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The Switch to Homegrown Goods

After many years of home gardening and professional agricultural experience, we realized our dreams and goals were bigger than our five acre property could withstand. 

A spontaneous dream was created, and we were on the lookout for the ideal property. A few miles from our first home, a 15 acre property with a 100 year old farmhouse came on the market.

It was meant to be, and everything went through! In the first year on our new property, we made the leap to producing our own pasture raised meats and marketing cut flowers from our spray free garden.

Our first year's success charged us into new territory and generated bigger visions for our home. Thank you for supporting us as we strive to provide our family and community with the highest quality pastured meats, produce, and flowers we can generate!

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Our farm was founded out of a desire to self sustain our food and income directly from our home.

With a history of organic farming and a community of innovators, this massive goal and dream of ours is not only feasible, but is actively materializing.

Jason, Co-Owner, was raised on Morning Glory Farm and is an active leader there, as well as venturing into customizable produce delivery options in Florence and Reedsport through his business, Novel Harvest.

Ashleah, Co-Owner, grew up roaming horse and sheep barns, got her first job on an organic produce farm at the age of 13, and has a love of holistic health, the outdoors, leading, and writing.

Our four children are along for the ride, schooling from home, contributing to family projects, and learning valuable life skills along the way.

Together, we envision our farm becoming a comfortable nest of hospitality, nourishing food, community, and education. At our roots, we hope to bring individuals closer to their food and flowers through hands on experience.

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We only feed our family the best, which means we only offer your family the best!

Our pastured meat birds are raised on exclusively organic, non-GMO feed.

Our layer hens roam 15 acres every day, and get their organic, non-GMO feed for dinner each night.

Our garden is grown completely spray free, with the utmost respect and care for our pollinators and insect populations.

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